(The episode begins at Laura Haruna's House in the morning. A young girl named Laura told Hamtaro that she's going somewhere today)

Laura: Now remember, Hamtaro. I'm going out today so I need you to be on your best behavior. Wish me luck out there okay, little guy?

Hamtaro: Thanks, Laura. Laura, there's something I should... well there is something we hamsters are not suppose to.

Laura: Oh, Hamtaro are you alright? You didn't wake up early that night did you?

Hamtaro: Well the problem is that I went swimming in the swimming pool last night.

Laura: Did you went swimming in the swimming pool last night?

Hamtaro: Yes. I saw somebody drowning inside the pool. You see there was this blue cat in the pool and I got it out all by myself by swimming inside the pool in the backyard.

Laura: I can't believe you went swimming all by yourself, Hamtaro. Trying to save a weird blue cat in the pool. But I'm telling you right now. Hamsters can't swim and they are afraid of water. (Looks at the clock and sees that she is late for something) Oh no! I gotta get going! See ya, Hamtaro and remember no more late night swims my furry little friend. Wouldn't want to mess up our new pool now would ya? (She went outside to the supermarket with her Mom known as Marian Haruna and while Hamtaro is eating his favorite food known as a Sunflower Seed Sonic jumps inside Laura's bedroom then he said everything to Hamtaro)

Sonic: Take a good look. I'm a Hedgehog not a cat.

Hamtaro: Um I know. Please don't be mad. Sorry for the delays. I mean... I spoke to a human who was my owner. You see... Laura doesn't understand.

Sonic: Why wouldn't she?

Hamtaro: Well first of all, she knows that I wouldn't risk diving into a pool in the middle of the night just to save a little blue hedgehog.

Sonic: Really?

Hamtaro: What else could I say to her? I couldn't tell it that I saved a blue, talking hedgehog. That reminds me! Where and when did you learn how to talk, Sonic?

Sonic: Good question. Unfortunately, I don't have a very good answer because I don't remember.

Hamtaro: I guess we can be really good friends if that's the way we wanted to be. Huh? (Then a gray hamster named Oxnard climbed up toward Laura Haruna's House then he sees his good friend Hamtaro right next to him)

Oxnard: Hamtaro, is everything alright?

Hamtaro: Hey, Oxnard how are you?

Oxnard: I'm great but I heard that you and Laura were talking about that we hamsters can swim in the swimming pool this morning.

Hamtaro: Oh you did. Did you?

Oxnard: Uh-huh. Kana is going somewhere shopping with her mom too.

Hamtaro: Really? Oh wow! That means if we hang out with a blue hedgehog that I saved inside the pool we can always be friends with the other Ham-hams!

Oxnard: Yeah!

Sonic: Who is that?

Hamtaro: This is Oxnard. He's a good friend of mine.

Oxnard: Hi.

Hamtaro: (Suggested something) Oh I almost forgot you must be pretty hungry. I was thinking you might like to have something to eat.

Sonic: Yeah I guess I can go for something. What's on the menu?

Hamtaro: I've found out about Hedgehogs in the internet and found a perfect thing. (He takes out a Sunflower Seed and hands it to Sonic and Sonic eats the Sunflower Seed and doesn't like it)

Sonic: Uh, What is this?!

Hamtaro: Sunflower Seeds.

Sonic: Uggghhh! No way!! It tastes like hamster food!! No wonder it tastes like there's hamster in it!

Oxnard: Well the internet says that all the hamsters love Sunflower Seeds. I've got mine. It's right in my paws so that I can hug it and cuddle with it. We can always bring you some veggies. (Sonic runs away and jumps out of Laura Haruna's house)

Hamtaro and Oxnard: Nooooooooo! Please don't run away!

Sonic: Sorry Hamtaro... and Oxnard is that's you're name... But veggies don't do it for me.

Hamtaro: Okay we'll get whatever you want but just don't go.

Sonic: Hah. See ya! [Sonic jumps off to go for a run.]

Hamtaro and Oxnard: Wait!! Come back!! Sonic!! You could get hurt out there!! (They got really worried about Sonic running off like that as we cut to the theme song of Hamtaro)

It's Hamtaro time! 

(Kushi-kushi-ticky-ticky WOO!)

Hamtaro! When we work together it's much better!

My best friend! We like sunflower seeds. . .khrrmp khrrmp khrrmp.

My Ham-Hams! If she heads for trouble, we won't let her!


Little Hamsters, Big Adventures!

Laura's gone to school, let's go to our Ham-Ham Clubhouse!

We can fix their troubles just be quiet as a mouse.

Watch out for those cats, you know they're smarter than you think.

But if we work together, we can make their plans sink!


Snoozer, Howdy, Penelope, Panda, My best friends!

Oxnard, Bijou, Cappy, Maxwell, My Ham-Hams!

Dexter, Boss, Pashmina, Jingle, Hamtaro!

Little Hamsters, Big Adventures!

(Hamtaro's verse)  'scuse me while I work out, gotta run on my wheel. WHEEEEEEE!

Hamtaro! Hamtaro's here to help you!

Hamtaro! Hamtaro's team is for you!

HAMTARO!! Hehehe. 


(We cut to the Television showing that blue hedgehog named Sonic outrun those four cats known as The Catastrophe Attacking Toughness Squad The Cat Team last night)

Scarlet: The supersonic Speed Team and seen here on police helicopter video has the city fanful.

Police Officer: It was about this high, it was blue and it looked like a freak!

Man #1: I was doing about 60 when this thing went "wooo" right by me!

Man #2: That thing moved too fast to be a regular animal!

Dr. Kai Narasu: (Holding a monkey making him take on and off his glasses) As to the question of whether this is a UMA, Unidentified Mutant Animal, it is positively not. Even the cheetah, which is widely believed to be the fastest member of the animal kingdom cannot outrun a speeding Formula-One police car. Because of this "thing", in an inescapable conclusion one must inevitably come to is that this so-called "hedgehog" is a reality of a machine. (We see Hamtaro and Oxnard eating a bunch of sunflower seeds and Sonic eating some chilly dogs and Laura Haruna sitting on the couch next to them)

Forrest Haruna: (Comes inside the living room then to her daughter Laura) Hey, Laura! Guess what? A blue hedgehog came out of nowhere and outrun the four cats yesterday. (Notices that Sonic is here and looks at the Television then to Sonic)

Hamtaro: (Talks to himself inside his head) (I can't let Laura's dad sees that it was Sonic!) (He gets a blanket from Laura's lap and hides Sonic covering up the blanket)

Sonic: (Muffled) Hey! Cut it out I can't breathe!! (He took off the blanket which Hamtaro made him hide and just sits there making his arms crossed)

Forrest Haruna: Hmmm. Blue. That color. An animal. Just like that... ahhh!! (He smiles excitedly then he grabs Sonic) It's Him!!!

Laura: Whoa! Take it easy, Dad! (Forrest Haruna took out his screw driver) Dad, what are you doing!!?

Sonic: Whaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Forrest Haruna: I wonder how this things put together! (Tickles Sonic's back with a screw driver then Sonic jumps off of Forrest Haruna's hands and in front of him) Stand still!

Hamtaro: Forrest, wait!!

Forrest Haruna: Huh?

Hamtaro: He's not a machine. He's Sonic the Hedgehog.

Forrest Haruna: Ohhh. (Drops his screw driver)

Laura: Hey! He's right.

Forrest Haruna: Hold on. That hamster of yours just say something about Sonic the Hedgehog is it?

Laura: That's right, Dad. He's my hero. I'm the big fan of his.

Scarlet: (On T.V.) Now let's go live to this late-breaking story.

Cream: (On T.V.) Ohhh!! Ohhh please!!!

[Sonic turns to look and see Cream and Cheese cries in fear.]

Cheese: (On T.V.) Chao Chao!!! (Everyone on T.V. saw Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao up upon the building board)

Cream: Please! Leave us alone!

Sonic: It's Cream and Cheese!

Hamtaro: It's who?

Sonic: I'm not the only one who got transported into this weird world after all. I'll save those two! (Runs out of Laura Haruna's House again and on the sidewalk for speed)

Laura: Do you know where they are?

[Sonic screeches to a halt, turns around, runs back, stops and shrugs.] [In the house's garage, Forrest is on the phone with a military official.]

Forrest Haruna: Forrest Haruna! How may I serve you? (Pause) I thought they probably do something along those lines. Well, thanks very much for giving me the scoop and I'll talk to you soon. (Hangs up the phone) Well, it seems like Sonic's friends have been captured by the police and moved to Area 99.

Laura: Area 99?! That's that top secret military base!

Sonic: What?

Laura: It's where the national defence force keeps all their tanks, fighter jets and high-tech spy equipment.

Sonic: That sounds like Eggman's kind of place!

Forrest Haruna: Your friends have been taken there by the army and placed under 24-hour guard. The authorities believe they could be aliens or perhaps members of a mutant species developed by an enemy power designed to attack our population. I wonder if they might not be right, Sonic, eh?

Sonic: Think what you want! I'm gone! Now I know where my friends are, I'm outta here!

Oxnard: What? But, Sonic if the other humans can see you they'll lock you up too!

Sonic: They can't lock me up! (Somebody off screen closes the garage door in front of him) Hmmm. Open that door!!

Laura: Don't look at me I didn't do anything!

Forrest Haruna: Ha! It was me. (Sonic was confused) You're gonna need some help, Sonic. I'll go with you.

Laura: Dad, are you serious?!

Forrest Haruna: Of course I'm serious, Pumpkin. And you're coming along too. You told me you don't want to live a boring life like your father so here's your chance for some excitement! Just bring Hamtaro and his friend along for the ride.

Laura: Yeah. Sounds good. If you're up for it, I'm up for it! Just don't tell Mom! See, Hamtaro you and your friend are coming along for the ride inside Dad's car.

Hamtaro and Oxnard: Heke?

Forrest Haruna: Alright, let's get going! (Laura, Hamtaro, Oxnard and Sonic hopped onto Forrest Haruna's car and Forrest Haruna starts the car by tuning in as they drive toward Area 99 building very far away. We cut to the other Ham-Hams inside the Ham-Ham Clubhouse and Howdy told every other Ham Hams about Hamtaro and Oxnard)

Howdy: Ham-Hams! Come quickly! There's a blue hedgehog out there!

Dexter: Howdy, what are you talking about?

Howdy: It's Sonic the Hedgehog and he has come from the future! And Hamtaro and Oxnard went on the mission without us!

Pashmina: That's horrible! 

Penelope: Ookyoo.

Maxwell: Ham-Hams! We have a situation. And according to this book, whenever a hedgehog appears out of nowhere it's from the place called mobeus.

Panda: Mobeus? Never heard of it.

Sandy: Hey like that's just like the one Sonic the Hedgehog lives!

Cappy: Yeah! I can't wait to meet him and his fantastic friends!

Bijou: Oui, that sounds fun. I really love to meet that hedgehog. He's our hero!

Stan: So what do we hamsters like to do about it?

Dexter: I say we should go to Area 99. Hamtaro and Oxnard must be around with Sonic right about now!

Howdy: What do you say, Ham-hams!? Let's go save the two other Ham-hams!

All Ham-Hams: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! (All the other Ham-hams except for Boss and Snoozer who were field hamsters went out of the clubhouse and goes on the adventure to the computer laboratory as the scene cuts to it where Sonic, Hamtaro, Oxnard, Laura and Forrest Haruna are in the car)

Sonic: It's gonna take forever to get there! I rather just go by myself!

Hamtaro: Yeah. And Oxnard and I are late and had to be inside the clubhouse right about now.

Forrest Haruna: Chill out.

Laura: Is it time?

Forrest Haruna: It's time. [Laura gives Sonic an infrared scope/communicator.]

Laura: Put it on.

Sonic: What's this?

Forrest Haruna: An infrared scope. I'm certain that Area 99 is full of infrared motion detectors that set off security alarms. If you wear that, you may be able to avoid them.

Sonic: [Jumps off the car and runs off.] See ya later, guys!(Hamtaro and Oxnard jumps onto Sonic shoulders while hanging on tight. And Sonic jumps out of Forrest Haruna's car and runs fast toward the computer laboratory)

Forrest Haruna: He sure is a speedy little critter isn't he? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

[Forrest steps on the accelerator pedal hard to keep up with Sonic. The scene changes to the facility of Area 99 and the security are observing a researcher who walks towards a laboratory. He then stands in front of an eye-scanner to validate his identity.]

Area 99 mainframe: Identification number: F219563. Confirmed.

[The door opens for the researcher to proceed through. Inside, Cream and Cheese are inside some sort of a scanning tube device.]

Cream: We didn't do anything, please let us out! [She is then examined by a camera.] (The Camera shots on Cream and Cheese watching them) What kind of place is this? Cheese, we gotta get outta here! (She looks at the camera while still being trapped in the scanner along with Cheese nervously)

[The camera conducts further examination while Cream looks out in fear. The scene changes to Sonic, Hamtaro and Oxnard who is still making their way towards Area 99.]

Laura: Sonic, can you hear me?

Sonic: I can hear you loud and clear, Girl.

Laura: I'm Laura, Sonic. Now listen. Remember, when you get to the main building, go in through an air vent. That should be a blind spot for security. Got it?

Sonic: (Through the Scouter) Whatever you say, Laura.

Laura: But Dad, if Sonic doesn't make it in time what if he gets spotted by cameras and stuff?

Forrest Haruna: Here let me try. (Takes the scouter speaker out of Laura's left ear then he puts it in his right ear) Listen to me, Sonic. Once you, Hamtaro and Oxnard get inside, you won't have much time so think quickly and act quickly!

Laura: But Dad, what if he doesn't?

Sonic: Thanks for the tip! I'm going in! (He, Hamtaro and Oxnard went inside the opened spot of the Area 99 and jumps up toward the top of the roof and got inside the secret entrance which is the main air volt by sliding down from the inside)

Area 99 mainframe: Intruder alert, sector D. Intruder alert, sector D.

Sonic: I'm inside the air vent!

Hamtaro: Don't you worry about me! We'll save Cream and Cheese in no time!

Laura: Be careful. (Sonic sparkled his skin marks on his butt while slowing down his sliding skills)

Sonic: It feels like I have skin marks on my butt.

Hamtaro: Tell me about it. I'm a way great slider.

Oxnard: All of us Hamsters are. Not for Hedgehogs. (Sonic, Hamtaro and Oxnard crawled through the main air volt and looks left and right to see which way to go)

Laura: How's it going in there, Sonic?

Sonic: Just great. I don't know which way to go.

Hamtaro: Don't worry about it. We can find the way through this place. We'll do this using our noses to sniff around with. (He and Oxnard do so as he sniff out their noses to find the way in)

Hamtaro and Oxnard: (Hif-hif. Hif-hif. Hif-hif. Hif-hif. Hif-hif. Hif-hif. Hif-hif. Hif-hif.) (They look down below the air vent and saw the opening down the hallway)

Sonic: Here I am using a nose to sniff around with. [Looks down at the moving security cameras] This will be piece of cake!

[Sonic, Hamtaro and Oxnard drops down to the corridor and moves from wall to wall while avoiding the cameras.]

Hamtaro: Everyone has cameras watching us!

Oxnard: We should be careful not to get spotted!

Sonic: Ha! I'm too fast for them! (Heads toward the other wall behind) Heads up! [Sonic repeats the same action to navigate through the section as Hamtaro and Oxnard catches up to Sonic while running]

Hamtaro and Oxnard: (Ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da!) (Scene fades to black)

Men Chorus: Gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster! 'Sonic X!

(Scene fades back to Area 99)

Area 99 mainframe: Searching for intruder. Searching for intruder. Searching for intruder.

Laura: I wonder if he's okay...

(The Ham-Hams; Pashmina, Penelope, Howdy, Dexter, Maxwell, Panda, Sandy, Cappy, Bijou and Stan ran toward the place while using the words "Ticky-Ticky-Ticky")

Maxwell: The worlds greatest adventure we Ham-Hams use to go is on the next adventure! Let's go inside the Area 99 to find Hamtaro and Oxnard!

Bijou: Maxwell, Area 99 is filled with cameras watching em. We Ham-Hams will get caught if we seek in.

Pashmina: Yeah, Maxwell. Remember what Boss said? We don't want to see any humans around looking at us hamsters!

Maxwell: Guess you're right.

Sandy: Please be more reasonable for like bring Boss along with us next time.

Penelope: (Sees the secret entrance) Ookyoo! Ookyoo! Ookyoo! Ookyoo!

Dexter: What is it, Penelope?

Howdy: Did you see something?

Penelope: Ookyoo! (All 10 Ham-Hams saw the secret entrance Hamtaro and Oxnard went with Sonic and decided to follow the Hedgehog prints Sonic made with his feet and went they get inside The Cameras didn't even see the Hamsters who just got inside the secret entrance)

[Back in the laboratory, the tube is sealed with a binder to perform more scans. The researchers are supposedly surprised by their results.]

Cream: I don't like this...

Cheese: (Worried) Chao chao.

[The scene switches to Sonic where he is outside the laboratory room.]

Sonic: (Hmm, maybe that's where they are. I have to get inside and check it out but this won't be easy. If it was just me, I could get out quick but if I have to bring Cream and Cheese with me, I can't get too reckless.)

[Suddenly, the power of Area 99 goes out as the facility's lights stopped functioning.]

Area 99 mainframe: (Siren goes off) Abnormality detected in the electrical system. Abnormality detected in the electrical system. (All the people saw the computer screen map and saw something was terribly wrong)

Man #1: Look at them all in one place!

Man #2: Every little rodents are together!

Man #3: Yeah. What should we do with them?

Man #4: I don't know. (Then Sonic, Hamtaro and Oxnard peek inside the computer room where the men are until all 10 of the Ham-Hams catches up to them)

Bijou: Hamtaro!

Hamtaro: Bijou! Guys! What are you doing here!?

Pashmina: We came here just looking for you and Oxnard.

Sandy: Like what are you doing?

Howdy: Yeah and who's the blue hedgehog along with you?

Oxnard: That's Sonic the Hedgehog! He's a hero to us all.

Sonic: Yeah. What's up. I'm Sonic alright. Who are you all?

Pashmina: So you wanna know who we are do you, Sonic? We're the Ham-Hams. I'm Pashmina. And this is Penelope.

Penelope: Ookyoo! Ookyoo! Ookyoo!

Howdy: And I'm Howdy! (Sweeps the floor with his broom and talks crazy)

Dexter: I'm Dexter. And I used to be an Optometrist. They make some eyeglasses.

Maxwell: My name's Maxwell. And I read books. A pleasure to meet you.

Panda: Hi there. I'm Panda. And I'm the carpenter.

Sandy: (Twirls her Gymnastic ribbon) Like hi. I'm Sandy.

Cappy: Hi. I'm Cappy. And I use to like a bunch of hats and stuff.

Bijou: I'm Bijou. Nice to meet you.

Stan: And I'm Stan. Sandy's Twin Brother.

Sonic: It's a pleasure to meet all of you.

Hamtaro: Ahem. Guys, save it for later. Right now we gotta save that rabbit and that weird creature she holds in her hands.

Maxwell: Oh right. Let's go Hams! We got a rabbit to save! (Sonic and all 12 Hamsters went inside the computer room filled with men inside and saw Cream and Cheese still trap in the scanner. Then Sonic broke the scanner and frees Cream and Cheese from the inside. The Men heard something from back there)

Area 99 Researcher #1: Ah great.

Area 99 Researcher #2: Now we can't see anything!


Area 99 Researcher #3: What the?

Area 99 Researcher #4: Where they go? (Cream and Cheese we're hiding behind the wall with Sonic and all 12 Hamsters by their side)

Cream: Sonic!!

Sonic: Shhhh!! Keep it down!

Cheese: Chao chao chao chao chao chao chao chao chao chao chao chao!!! (Hugs Sonic while he laughs)

Area 99 Researcher #2: (Gasps) Over there!

Area 99 Researcher #3: It's the Hamsters!

Hamtaro: Uh-oh! Run!!

Sonic: Let's go!

Cream: Right!

[Some electricians appear and find that the power wires were struck with tiny mechanical airplanes.]

Head electricians: What are these things? Somebody has sabotaged the whole system! Boys, let's move it! We need the power back now!

(The 12 Ham-Hams Sonic and Cream are running through the dark corridor.)

Cream: Wow, Sonic! How did you shut off all of the electricity?

Sonic: I didn't do it, Cream! I guess it just happened!

Cream: Maybe it just happened because you bring good luck everywhere you go, Sonic!

Sonic: You might be right!

[The Ham-Hams Sonic and Cream gasp in horror as the power is restored and the security cameras are looking at them.]

Cream: I shouldn't have said anything. This must be a jinx!

Sonic: This isn't your fault.

Dexter: What should we do now?

Howdy: I think we better get out of here!

Sonic: Cream, Ham-Hams, Hang on!

Cream: Right. (The video cameras started shooting the lasers as Sonic, The 12 Ham-Hams, Cream and Cheese started to run and Sonic held on to Cream's hand while the other Hamsters say "Ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da!")

Laura: Sonic! What's going on!? Are you and your friends alright?

Sonic: Not exactly. (Sonic lets go of Cream)

Bijou: (To Maxwell) I told you that we just got spotted by a Spy Cameras!

Cappy: Who knows what to do?! Just keep running or the lasers will blast us!

Hamtaro: Keep it up guys! We have to get that rabbit and the creature out of the computer room stat! (Sonic jumps up onto one Video Spy Camera and breaks one. Then he jumps up toward the other one and uses it as a gun blasting every single spy cams)

Pashmina: Sonic! How did you...?

Sonic: Keep running!

Oxnard: You heard Sonic! Move it!

All Ham-Hams: Right!! (All Ham-Hams kept on running and started to catch up to Cream and Cheese and Sonic jumps off out of the Spy Cam and runs for speed trying to catch up with the 12 Ham-Hams, Cream and Cheese)

[The scene switches to the security surveillance room.]

Area 99 Mainframe: D2 area lockdown in progress.

[The doors of Area 99 begin closing one by one. Cream is about to approach one that is just about to close.]

Cream: The door! We can't make it out! [Sonic rushes to the Ham-Hams and Cream's aid and just speeds past the closing door. In the next room, they encounter more laser security cameras.] Hey, what are they? [Sonic and Cream watch the paper airplanes knock down the laser security cameras out of their stand in surprise.] I don't understand. What's going on?!

Sonic: We can't stick around to find out!

[Sonic and Cream and even the Ham-Hams come run to the next door that they just managed to pass through before it closes. The scene switches to the security surveillance room where monitors begin blanking themselves.]

Area 99 Mainframe: Facility lockdown in progress. Facility lockdown in progress. Facility lockdown in progress..-

[The power of the facility is cut off once again. Some of the laser security platforms attack in a random manner, destroying walls.]

Area 99 guard: The laser surveillance cameras are out of control!

[Sonic, the Ham-Hams and Cream now run up a staircase.]

Bijou: I don't think we can make it in time!!

Sandy: We have to! It's our only chance!

Cream: Sonic, are we gonna make it out?

Sonic: Don't worry we'll make it! (Then the laser shoots by cutting the stairs in half making Cream the Rabbit fall and scream. Sonic gasps and saw cream falling as the scene fades to black)

Men Chorus: Gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster! 'Sonic X!

(Scene fades back to Cream who was falling and Sonic gasping until Cheese saved her by grabbing his arm)

Cheese: Chaaaaaaaao!!!

Cream: Sonic!!!

Hamtaro: Here Rabbit! Hurry my paw! Grab onto my paw hurry!

Cream: Okay! (She and Hamtaro grabbed onto each other with their paws and hands and Cream got up from falling down the half stairs) Thanks!

Hamtaro: I did it!

Oxnard: Great! Now let's get out of here! (All 12 Hamsters, Sonic, Cream and Cheese continued running up the stairs until they reach the outside roof)

Sonic: See Cream, I told you we've make it and we did! You didn't doubt me, did'ya?

Cream: (Shakes her head) Thank you for saving us!

Sonic: Anytime, Cream. Anytime. (Then we cut back to outside where Laura and Forrest Haruna saw everything from inside the computer laboratory through the car window)

Laura: Dad, shouldn't we do something about this?

Forrest Haruna: Nah! Sonic has got it all under control. (Then the Harunas saw somebody flying a blue plane with the word Sonic on it. It's Tails on his blue Tornado 2 Plane who saw the computer laboratory place)

Sonic: Huh? What's that? [A close up view of the Tornado 2 outside Area 99 is seen.] Sounds like a plane. The Tornado!

Tails: This must be the place! (Sonic, Cream and Cheese finally got outside by smashing through the roof along with all 12 Hamsters) Alright, Sonic! (He flies closer to Sonic so that he can land on the plane with Cream. And the Ham-hams)

Sonic: Hey!

Tails: Ha-ha!

Cream: It was you! You are the one who helped us get out of there!

Cheese: Chao!

Tails: I'd helped but Sonic is the real hero!

Dexter: It's a fox!

Howdy: Whoever knew foxes could drive on planes?

Hamtaro: Great! Let's all go to our Ham-ham Clubhouse! (The Tornado 2 heads off in the sky toward the Ham-ham Clubhouse Passing Forrest and Laura as they watch for excitement) 

Forrest Haruna: Well Laura, Mission Accomplished! What do you say we head back to our house to your mom?

Laura: Kay. (The car drives back to The Haruna's house where Laura and her dad Forrest Haruna live then we cut to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse where all 12 Hamsters welcomed them and introduce to themselves to Tails, Cream and Cheese)

Hamtaro: My name's Hamtaro. Sonic here just fell into Laura Haruna's Swimming Pool in the backyard so I swam and got him out myself.

Oxnard: Hi. I'm Oxnard. I like Sunflower Seeds.

Dexter: I'm Dexter.

Howdy: I'm Howdy.

Maxwell: I'm Maxwell.

Panda: I'm Panda.

Cappy: Hi. I'm Cappy.

Pashmina: I'm Pashmina. And this is Penelope.

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Bijou: Bon-jour! I'm Bijou. Nice to meet you.

Sandy: I'm Sandy! The gymnastic Ham-ham!

Stan: And I'm Stan! Sandy's Twin Brother.

Tails: My name's Tails. I'm Sonic's very best buddy. Heh. Right, Sonic?

Sonic: Correct.

Cream: My name is Cream and this is my very special Chao friend Cheese. Thanks for helping us. (She and Cheese Chao bowed to the Ham-Hams)

Hamtaro: It's a pleasure to meet each of you. I think we all can become really good friends. Oh and this Boss and Snoozer.

Snoozer: Zuuu. Happy to meet ya.

Boss: Whooooooooa! Who let in a blue hedgehog, an orange fox and a pink bunny right inside our Ham-Ham Clubhouse?!

Tails: We got lots of unique gadgets.

Boss: Hamtaro, maybe you and the other Ham-Hams oh me an apology for not coming along with you. You should have come here without you're Boss knowing huh?

Hamtaro: (Suggested something then to Sonic) Listen, Sonic this isn't a game we're playing you know! You haven't got us throwing in Jail or something.

Sonic: Maybe I could of but I didn't. Did I?

Hamtaro: Can't you be a little more careful?

Tails: Well, maybe we should be here in your world instead of living in our world, Ham-Hams.

Boss: This is an amazing piece of equipment. It goes beyond anything I have seen. How did you develop it?

Tails: It's nothing special. Not in the world we come from.

Boss: Really? And where Exactly is that, Tails?

Tails: Beats me. But I think we just got here by warp and time and space.

Ham-Hams but Boss: Heke?

Boss: Hmm, very interesting. Not very helpful but interesting.

Tails: I've just thought of something. If you and me and Cream and Cheese are here, maybe the others got here too.

Sonic: Well maybe you're right about that, Tails. If you are, that means...maybe.

[A flashback of Eggman from the first episode of Eggman holding the red Chaos Emerald appears.]

Sonic, Tails and Cream: Eggman's here too! (We cut to the beach where Dr. Eggman's fortress is stranded on the sandy beach far away from the waves and Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe looks through the window and saw the world which is really different)

Dr. Eggman: So, we were transported into this world by Chaos Control. Very well then, I will rebuild the foundation of the Eggman Empire here. And, soon, I'll rule the entire Universe! (Laughs) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! (We zoom out of Dr. Eggman's Fortress in the beach)



[The Sonic X closing theme, "Gotta Go Fast" (shortened) plays as the credits roll.]