(The episode begins inside Laura's House. Hamtaro and Oxnard told Cream and Cheese to stay out of trouble)

Hamtaro: Now remember, Cream. You too, Cheese. Stay inside while Oxnard and I are at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse okay?

Cream: Okay.

Cheese: Chao!

Hamtaro: We'll see you later! Come on, Oxnard.

Oxnard: I'm right with you. (Hamtaro and Oxnard went off by going through the bunk bed. But Cream doesn't want to stay inside and realized that she wants to go out and play)

Cream: [Sighs] I don't want to stay inside, I wanna go outside and play. Ahh!

Amy: [Cream and Cheese glee in excitement.] Huh, that sounds like Cream and Cheese outside!

Tails: I wonder what's she doing out there, Amy.

Amy: I bet Cream's out there gathering some flowers.

Tails: She knows we're suppose to stay inside while Hamtaro and Oxnard are at the clubhouse. What's so important about going outside to pick flowers? Oh... [Flashback] Hi Cream! What are you doing there?

Cream: I'm going to surprise my mum by making her a crown out of flowers! [Flashback ends]

Tails: I guess she misses her mom.

Amy: Of course she does, I just wish... I just wish we could do something to cheer her up.

[Sonic sees a poster showing a lake with flowers around it. He grabs it and runs off.]

Tails: Huh?

Amy: Sonic?

(Then we cut to the theme song of Hamtaro)

It's Hamtaro time! 

(Kushi-kushi-ticky-ticky WOO!)

Hamtaro!  When we work together it's much better!

My best friend! We like sunflower seeds. . .khrrmp khrrmp khrrmp.

My Ham-Hams! If she heads for trouble, we won't let her!


Little Hamsters, Big Adventures!

Laura's gone to school, let's go to our Ham-Ham Clubhouse!

We can fix their troubles just be quiet as a mouse.

Watch out for those cats, you know they're smarter than you think.

But if we work together, we can make their plans sink!


Snoozer, Howdy, Penelope, Panda, My best friends!

Oxnard, Bijou, Cappy, Maxwell, My Ham-Hams!

Dexter, Boss, Pashmina, Jingle, Hamtaro!

Little Hamsters, Big Adventures!

(Hamtaro's verse)  'scuse me while I work out, gotta run on my wheel. WHEEEEEEE!

Hamtaro! Hamtaro's here to help you!

Hamtaro! Hamtaro's team is for you!

HAMTARO!! Hehehe. 

Tittle: "SONIC AND HAMTARO" (Now we cut to the kitchen where Laura and her parents are)

Marian Haruna: It's marvelous to be back at the kitchen again! At my movie sets, the chefs won't let me cook a thing! Here are your buttermilk pancakes, dear! Enjoy!

Laura: Hmm! [Laura grabs one of the burnt pancakes only to have it crumble after a few seconds.]

Willow Haruna: Oh my! I smell something burning! Oh!

Marian Haruna: Oh Mom. It's so good to be home again! I have an idea! Let's have a big party!

Laura: Party?

Marian Haruna: Yes! A Dinner Party at Maria's mansion. Tonight we can all dress up! I'm sure my mom can prepare something absolutely scrumptious!

Laura: A party! Great idea! Do you think we can invite the rest of the family to come over since they are our favorite family?

Marian Haruna: (Hugs Laura) Of course, dear! You can have anything you want, anything from my adorable little girl.

Willow Haruna: If you are having a party tonight, this calls for heavy-duty cleaning! Time to clear some water! [Laughs as she leaves]

Cream: Wow! A Party! This is great, I love parties! (We cut to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse as they heard about going to a dinner party at Maria's mansion)

All Ham-Hams: A PARTY!?!?!

Hamtaro: So like I said. Laura and her friends are going to have a dinner party in Maria's mansion.

Oxnard: That's right. I heard Laura's parents talking and guess what. The whole family is going to be there!

Bijou: Maria is the only person I know she's setting up the party and having friends over.

Pashmina: Yes. June and Kylie are in there too. Right, Penelope?

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Sandy: Hillary and Noel are about to come too.

Stan: They were our owners too.

Cappy: Kip and Sue will be there too! Parties are fun for them when they got married in the wedding.

Howdy: All my owners are always coming to parties even when they'res food, drinks, and everything they have.

Dexter: How original.

Oxnard: What is it, Maxwell?

Maxwell: It's just that... My owners are not coming. They just wanted some peace and quiet at the library with the books we got.

Panda: If somebody thinks the owners are not coming that's okay. We can still have each other and have ourselves some fun.

Boss: Hams! How many parties have we been too anyhow?

Hamtaro: We had a search party for Sandy. A party outside. Bijou's owner Maria's birthday party. Every party we've been through. Even My ham-ham birthday.

Oxnard: That's every parties in a row.

Maxwell: We can still get to Maria's on time. So what do you say Ham-hams? Let's all go to the mansion where the party started.

Hamtaro: And Sonic and the others will be there too. Just make sure they don't get into any sort of trouble while we're around.

Boss: Okay!

Snoozer: Zuzuzu... I love parties. (Cut back to Cream in Laura's bedroom making flower crowns but there's not enough flowers)

Cream: This crown doesn't have enough flowers, [sighs] I better pick more! [Cream proceeds to go outside and sees Marian Haruna preparing the decorations for the party.] Maybe I can help decorate for the party. (Cut to Laura's school where the classmates are talking about the party)

Travis: What are you doing after school?

Maria: Want to go to the mall?

Laura: Sure. Bye.

Mr. Stewart: Hey, Laura.

Laura: Huh?

Mr. Stewart: I haven't been teaching here long but I just wanted to say thanks. I'm lucky to have some intelligent and talented kids in my class.

Laura: Uh...

Mr. Stewart: You kids are terrific and I want to know all of you better! So, I'm coming to visit you and your family later today! [Laura hesitates] I can't wait to meet your mom and get her autograph! (Now we cut to the place called Maria's mansion as the Ham-Hams entered and sneaked in the party decorations are filled up everywhere around here then came Princess Maria's dog)

Princess: Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff!!!

All Ham-Hams: Oaaaaaaaah!!!

Bijou: Hi-ya, Princess! (She and the other Ham-hams ran and hide behind the couch)

Boss: Bijou! Are you crazy!?! Maria's dog is too excited to see us ham-hams.

Bijou: Don't be silly, Boss. We're just having a party in Maria's mansion without any humans seeing us ham-hams. (Then Maria came back in the mansion)

Maria: Hi, mom. I'm home.

Butler: How was school today master, Maria?

Maria: It was pretty good. Thank you.

Maria's Mom: (Hugs Maria) Oh Maria darling! You're home!

Maria: I-I hope it's okay if our teacher Mr. Stewart's coming over to visit. And it sounds like he's a really big fan of your movies, mom!

Maria's Mom: That reminds me! What am I going to wear? I should've had the studio send over a gown! (Then Laura and her parent came over and so does Kana and her parents)

Forrest Haruna: I feel sorry for dogs! How do they stand it?! This collar's killing me!

Laura: How come your wearing those clothes, Dad?

Forrest Haruna: Mr. Iwata said I can't wear work clothes to the party. I don't see why not!

Laura: Hey, Dad. If you see Sonic and the others, could you ask them to please stay out of sight until Mr. Stewart and my grandpa go away?

Forrest Haruna: I know that Amy and Tails are in my room but I haven't see Sonic or Cream and Cheese all day.

[Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams turned around and saw Cream and Cheese decorate the room behind them]

Bijou: It's Cream and Cheese!

Hamtaro: What are they doing here!?!

Maria: (To Bijou and the other Ham-Hams) Is something wrong? (Hamtaro and the Ham-hams hesitate) Uh, what's the matter with the rest of you hamsters?

Bijou: Uh, everything's okay here, Maria! You better hurry up and get ready! Me and the ham-hams will take care of the rest of the decorating for tonight's party!

Maria: But there's plenty of time!

Bijou: Yes. But you know how time flies when you're putting on make up. Right, Hamtaro?

Hamtaro: Uhhh, yes and don't forget, all of the food that has to be prepared, too!

Maria: Oh well. I'll go see how Laura and Kana are doing in the kitchen! (Walks away) That's weird. I'm so busy that for a second there I thought I heard Bijou and the other hamsters just talked to me.

[All the Ham-Hams breathed for a sigh of relief and come to get Cream and Cheese and hides behind the couch]

Hamtaro: What are you two doing here, Cream?

Pashmina: Aren't you trying to get us ham-hams in trouble?

Sandy: That is totally not cool.

Bijou: If Maria saw you. Then you must be discovered!

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Willow Haruna: Marian Haruna decorates like a little kid!

Hamtaro: Cream, we asked you to stay upstairs so nobody would see you!

Cream: That room was boring, and we only wanted to help you get ready for your party.

Brandy: Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf! (Shows up to the Ham-Hams) Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf!

Hamtaro: Brandy!! You know about those guys!?

Brandy: Arf arf!!

Hamtaro: You knew all along? Do you think that you can help me and the other Ham-Hams keep this a secret right now?

Brandy: Arf arf!!

Oxnard: We'll take two barking sounds as a yes.

Boss: (Sighs with a relief) Thanks a lot! (Then the Ham-Hams realized that Cream and Cheese are gone) Oh no! Hold on they're gone!

Hamtaro: Cream! Cheese!

Stan: I wonder where they ran off to. (Cut to the kitchen where the people are making food)

Mrs. Iwata: Willow! Willow!

Willow Haruna: Oh! What?

Mrs. Iwata: I can't find my green musagi! You didn't send it to the cleaners, did you?

Willow Haruna: I know, it shouldn't be there!

Mrs. Iwata: It's not here!

Willow Haruna: I'm on my way! (Goes to help Mrs. Iwata while Cream and Cheese got in the kitchen)

Cream: Wow, look at all that food! It smells so good! [Cheese cries in agreement.] We can have, Cheese! [Both turn on the hand mixer and the blender at the same time; Cream and Cheese scream and quickly left. Willow Haruna comes in and screams.]

Laura: (Came in the kitchen) Ah, Cream and Cheese! Grandma! Hey, are you okay?

Willow Haruna: My dinner is a disaster... (We cut to Sonic the Hedgehog searching for the flowers she likes and jumps for joy as he ran toward the flowers and picks up the pretty pink ones and yellow ones who are sunflowers and white ones who are daisies)

Sonic: (Whistles) This is cool! I knew I could pick some flowers for Cream to like. (Runs back to where Maria's mansion is real fast as we cut to Willow Haruna)

Willow Haruna: This should do, at least for my entrance! [Phone rings.] Interruptions! Hello! What's that? The starring role? I'll catch the next thane! Oh, actually I'm having a little party for my daughter Laura tonight. I'm afraid I'll have to leave tomorrow morning. Oh, I didn't realize. We have to shoot on location first thing tomorrow morning. I know you can't put off a hundred million-dollar production on hold for a party. I'll leave immediately. Goodbye. [Hangs up phone.] Why does it always have to happen this way? I don't even have time to spend with my little girl. I may be a great actress but I'm a... terrible grandmother. Please forgive me, Laura! [Crying] (Then we cut back to Sonic and saw more flowers up ahead)

Sonic: YEAH! (Grabs some flowers and sniffs it. Cut back to the Ham-Hams searching for Cream and Cheese)

All Ham-Hams: [Chick-ah! Chick-ah! Chick-ah!]

Hamtaro: Cream!!! Where are you? Hey, Cheese!!!

Dexter: Maybe they went back inside Maria's bedroom.

Howdy: They're not too far gone from here!

Laura: (Looks for Brandy) Brandy! Brandy! Oh my, I've looked all over but I'm afraid I couldn't find Brandy anywhere.

Willow Haruna: (To Marian Haruna) Marian, please tell Laura how sorry I am and apologize to Mr. Stewart and my brother.

Marian Haruna: I understand. You take care, Mom.

Willow Haruna: Call me if Laura needs anything.

Mr. Iwata: Certainly, Willow Haruna. (Willow Haruna left the building as we cut back to the Ham-hams)

Hamtaro: Cream, Cheese! What, they're not here?

Forrest Haruna: Hamtaro? Weren't they with you?

Hamtaro: They're wandering around some place and Laura's substitute teacher Mr. Stewart's gonna be here any minute now! What am I gonna do when he sees them?

Forrest Haruna: Stay call. Let's all split up and each one of us will search through a different part of the house 'til we find them.

Amy and Tails: Okay! (Then we cut to Sonic returning with the flowers by running with his feet all the way toward the mansion as the scene fades to black)

Men Chorus: Gotta go faster faster faster faster' Sonic X! (Scene fades back to Mr. Stewart knocking the door in Maria's mansion as Mr. Iwata opens the door and meets him)

Mr. Stewart: I'm Laura's homeroom teacher, Mr. Stewart.

Mr. Iwata: Welcome, Stewart. We've been expecting you.

Laura: Hi, come in! (Mr. Stewart came in as Laura makes Mr. Stewart at home)

Mr. Stewart: How are you, Laura?

Marian Haruna: Sit down! [Mr. Stewart tinkers around the decoration Cream and Cheese set up. with great interest.] Do you like it? My mom isn't only a great actress but an artist too! (Laughs)

Mr. Stewart: Well, it's great! I can't wait to meet Laura's grandmother and give her my compliments!

Marian Haruna: I'm very sorry Mr. Stewart but just before you arrived, she was off for a very important movie part and she had to leave right away to start filming.

Laura: Ugh?! No way!

Mr. Stewart: Oh, that is too bad! I was really looking forward to meeting her in person. I guess I'll offer these to you.

Marian Haruna: Oh, why thank you, Mr. Stewart! What beautiful roses! (Cut to Forrest, Tails and Amy searching for Cream and Cheese outside)

Tails: Hello?

Forrest Haruna: (Looks at the opened window but falls) Whooooooooooooooooooooooaaaah!!!!! Oof!!!!! (Landed on the grass with an oof)

Marian Forrest: What was that?

Forrest Haruna: (Got up nervously) Sorry, Marian. I was just leaning out the window and I fell out and knocked the pots down!

Marian Haruna: I don't think I know what you are up to but you better be on your best behavior because Laura's teacher is here.

Forrest Haruna: Oh I better come in and say hi. (Does so)

Mr. Iwata: Oh Forrest, why can't you just use the front door like everybody else?!

Forrest Haruna: One way in is just as good as another!

[All the Ham-Hams Scream]

Laura: What's the matter, Hamtaro? Why did you scream?

Hamtaro: Err... Um... it's nothing!

Mr. Stewart: Well, my, this certainly is an extraordinary painting!

[Cream looks out of the window to see Sonic holding the flowers and pointing towards a direction.]

Cream: Thanks Sonic! That's right, Sonic remembered to pick a whole bunch of pretty flowers just for me! You can have some too, if you want.

Mrs. Iwata: No... I Can't... Is this animal talking!?!

Forrest Haruna: Talking animals. What a joke!

Mr. Iwata: Yes. That's some joke.

Mr. Stewart: Woah, this painting...

Hamtaro: Mrs. Iwata! Thanks for finding our stuffed animal toy for us Ham-Hams.

Bijou: Can we have them back now?

Mrs. Iwata: Toy?! Look, I've heard that thing talking and no body is going to convince me otherwise!

Hamtaro: (To Cream) Pretend you're a toy.

Stan: Us hams hams will pretend that we're not talking.

Mrs. Iwata: If this is some kind of joke you're playing, then you better quit before I do!

Ferocious Cat: (Came in) Meooooooooooooooooow!!! Who's ready to party!?!

All Ham-Hams: (Gasps)

Laura: Ferocious!

Kana: Oooh. What a cute and crafty cat.

Laura: Ferocious, this is Mr. Stewart the substitute teacher. And you remember Brandy my dog.

Brandy: (Sniffs at Ferocious Cat and growls)

Mr. Stewart: (Pets Ferocious Cat) A pleasure! I understand that you're involved in the highway patrol somehow.

Ferocious Cat: Well I don't like to brag. But I'm the leader of the Cat Team!

Forrest Haruna: That statement is only half-correct.

Mr. Stewart: Really?

Laura: Some say this cat and the other cats live in the place and chit chat in the place called Fish Alley. They have baby kittens there. That's why he's called the "Speed King"! You came up with the name yourself, didn't you?

Ferocious Cat: Sure! A little self-promotion wouldn't hurt anybody! [Laughs] But let's cut the chit-chat here and get this party moving, it's too slow!

Maria: And you're mouth's moving too fast!

Ferocious Cat: Heh, I can't help it if I like speed! I've always been fast! I even beat the doctor to the delivery room. I was the only kitten to have a 5-speed manual transmission in my baby carriage!

Mr. Stewart: Uh...

Ferocious Cat: I'll admit it, I like living in the fast lane! Even when I'm in the supermarket, no matter how many items I have, I'd use the express checkout! I can't even walk my dog; I'd make him run! [Laughs] There's only one guy who's faster! I'd never saw anything that moved that fast but don't you worry I'll catch up with him someday!

Mr. Stewart: Really? What did he look like?

Ferocious Cat: It's weird, but it looks like a blue hedgehog! He even had a spike- [Looks at Sonic, who is waving at him.] Hey, there he is! [Laura, Kana, June, Kylie, Travis, Mimi, Maria, Hillary, Noel, Forrest, Marian, Mr. and Mrs. Iwata turn around to look at the window behind.] There, did you see? It was the blue hedgehog I was talking about!

Mr. Stewart: Sorry. I was admiring this painting!

Forrest Haruna: I didn't see anything, did you?

Mr. Iwata: Perhaps your eyes we're playing tricks on you, Cat.

Ferocious Cat: But I'm telling ya! I saw it! You saw it too Brandy, didn't you?

Brandy: (Shook his head no) Uh-uh!

Ferocious Cat: I saw it! My eyes don't lie! That thing waved at me and ran off!

Mrs. Iwata: You know, they thought I was crazy too when I heard that animal talking!

Ferocious Cat: Animal talking? Well I didn't hear it say anything but I'm sure it could understand what I said! We both saw the same creature! That proves I'm not crazy!

Mrs. Iwata: The animal I heard was over there! (Points to Cream)

Laura: You know. I'm sorry that Grandma can't be here for the party but she got a phone call and had to leave to make a movie! I was pretty mad! Mr. Stewart was looking forward to meeting her but she went away before he even got here! That was pretty rude, huh?

Ferocious Cat: Nah. That sounded like my owner alright! (Flashback)

Willow Haruna: Please forgive me, Laura! [Bursts into tears; flashback ends]

Cream: (Gets angry) You're wrong! Your grandma felt very badly about she had to go and she tried to find you to say goodbye! You're lucky! You get to talk with your grandma on the phone all the time; I can't do that! [Cries and runs away from the lounge.]

Cheese: (Angrily flew off with Cream crying) Chao! (All the people felt surprised and so did the Ham-Hams as the scene fades to black)

Men Chorus: Gotta go faster faster faster faster' Sonic X! (Scene fades back to where Cream and Cheese running away from the lounge)

Mr. Iwata: Well, I hope you enjoyed that! I've been rehearsing my ventriloquism acts for weeks now and if I do say so myself, I'm not half-bad!

Mr. Stewart: Ah yes, this painting is stunning! (Tails and Amy went after Cream)

Tails: Cream!

Amy: Come back, Cream!

Mrs. Iwata: I'm seeing more of them now.

Forrest Haruna: Hey, Mrs. Iwata. Would you care to dance? (Exits)

Brandy: Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf!

Laura: Brandy says, he's hoping you can come and visit him again, Ferocious!

Princess: (Barks, Barks)

Maria: And nether does Princess.

Ferocious Cat: Yeah, but you know me, Laura! It'll have to be a quick visit! (He, Brandy and Princess laughs)

Mr. Stewart: I guess I've seen and heard enough! [Forrest dances around with Mrs. Iwata.] Laura, I better get going, I've got homework to grade. Please give your grandmother my regards and tell her that we hope to meet soon!

Laura: I'm sorry, Mr. Stewart. (Then we cut to outside where Laura and the other children said goodbye to Ferocious Cat and his team, Mother Black Cat, White Cat and Tiger Orange Kitty)

Ferocious Cat: Later boys, see you in my rear-view mirror! (The Cat Team took off and went back to Fish Alley)

Mrs. Iwata: Oh dear, I'm working too hard! I'm hearing things!

Cappy: Hey, The Cats have gone back to Fish Alley!

Bijou: They're gone and we Ham-Hams didn't even move an inch.

Pashmina: Thank goodness.

Sandy: I thought that ferocious one is going to chase us one another.

Howdy: Good riddance I'd say.

Dexter: Hope we'll never see those... Cat Team again.

Oxnard: Hamtaro, wouldn't it be wise to tell Kana's parents in our little secret?

Boss: He's right. Things would be a lot easier if they were on it too.

Hamtaro: Guess you're right.

Maxwell: Come on. Tell them the secret.

Hamtaro: Sure, okay! (The Ham-Hams walked toward Laura's Parents and Kana's parents) Hey, guys. listen, It's like this.

Mrs. Iwata: So you're not thing in my kitchen is my pecan pie! What a relief! I'm so happy you don't have to hide from us anymore, sweetie!

Cream: Yeah, we can be friends and I can help you out in the kitchen!

Marian Haruna: You're such a dear, I'm sure that your mother misses your family! [Cries]

Cream: Please don't worry, Sonic and my friends will find a way to get us off back home and you can take care of me until then.

Marian Haruna: We will, Cream. We will.

Cream: Thank you, Marian.

Sonic: Now that Marian and Mrs. Iwata knows that we're here, we can have a run in this place!

Hamtaro: Sure! Uh... (Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams turned to leave sadly by walking toward Maria's bedroom)

Sonic: Huh? Hamtaro? What's wrong? Why are you all looking sad?

Hamtaro: Laura didn't mean it when I complained about her grandma missing the party, but Cream got really angry. I didn't even think about how bad she misses her mother. I... just hope she doesn't stay mad at us.

Sonic: (Winks) Don't worry, it'll be okay!

Cream: (Came in happily) Hello, Hamtaro! I made this specially for you and the Ham-hams! Do you want to put it on?

Hamtaro: Wow! Thank you! (Puts the flower crown on his head and so did the rest of the Ham-Hams)

All the Ham-Hams: Thank you, Cream!

Cream: You can wear it to the clubhouse and tell your friends that I made it for you! Now I'm going to give Laura, Kana and their parents their flowers!

Sonic: Way to go buddy! Cream will only give her flower crowns to the people who she really likes a lot, like you!

Boss: Really? You think she likes us?

Sonic: You bet!

Hamtaro, Oxnard, Boss, Bijou, Pashmina, Penelope, Howdy, Dexter, Maxwell, Panda, Sandy, Cappy and Stan: He-ke?

[Tails, Amy, Forrest, and Mr. Iwata cheer on as Laura, Kana, Marian and Mrs. Iwata, wearing a flower crowns.]

Cream, Cheese, Laura, Kana, Marian and Mrs. Iwata: (Laughs)



[The Sonic X closing theme "Gotta Go Fast" (shortened) plays as the credits roll.]

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