Amy: The new Emerald Coast resort sounds like the perfect place to getaway from it all! You can hang out in the beach, or float in the crystal, clear ocean all day long, then dine as you watch the spectacular sunset. It sounds absolutely romantic! I wish we were going to the opening party!

Cream: We'll have fun at the Haruna's villa. Are you ready to go, Cheese?

Cheese: Chao chao!!!

Tails: I'm ready too, guys! My flight plan will take us to the Emerald Coast.

Laura: Be careful, Tails, and try not to let anybody see you.

Forrest: They won't have a problem for as long as they stay on the grounds of the villa.

Laura: I wish I could hang out with them instead of going to the resort opening.

Forrest: I know, but your mother can't make it so she needs you to go in her place. You won't have to stay long, and after, you can join the others at the villa.

Laura: That's great. I can give you a swimming lesson, Sonic.

Sonic: You guys go on without me. I'm gonna stay right here.

Laura and Kana: Huh?

Amy: Sonic! You mean you're not coming with us?

Sonic: That's right! Have fun, I've gotta run!

Kana: That's weird, I wonder why Sonic doesn't want to go to the Emerald Coast with us.

Amy: It must be because Sonic hates water. He won't go near the ocean because he can't swim.

Hamtaro: (Thinks back as Flashback of the ending of episode 1; Enter the World of Hamtaro! plays. Then Flashback ends) He reminds me of us Ham-Hams who can't swim in the water ether.

Oxnard: Something tells me we're not the only hamsters who's afraid of water.

Boss: Gee. I forgot that.

Tails: But Sonic doesn't have to swim, he could go running on the beach.

Amy: It's not gonna be much fun without Sonic...

Laura: Hmmm...

[Car horns]

Marian: Laura, Kana, we have to leave now or you'll be late for the ceremony.

Conrad: Have a great time, girls.

Kana: (Nods) We'll meet up later!

Amy: Okay. Don't be long.

Tails: See you there!

Cheese: Chao chao chao!!!

Amy: And don't be nervous, Laura. That opening party will be just fine!

Laura: Kay. (Chuckles)

Hamtaro: Come on, Ham-hams! Let's go to Emerald Coast! To the Tornado Ham-Ham Plane 3000!

All Ham-Hams: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! (They all jumped onto the Tornado Ham-Ham Plane 3000)

[The Tornado Ham-Ham Plane 3000 prepares for take off as Forrest tilts all of the palm trees in the Tornado Ham-Ham Plane 3000's path away from the plane.]

Tails: Next stop, Emerald Coast. Hang on! [Tornado Ham-Ham Plane 3000 speeds along the runaway.] Here we go!

Laura and Kana: Huh? (The Tornado Ham-Ham Plane 3000 flies above)

Conrad: Now girls. Remember that you are representing the Haruna and the Iwata family on this trip.

Laura: We'll do our best, Mr. Iwata.

Sonic: Who needs the ocean?

(Then we cut to the theme song of Hamtaro)

It's Hamtaro time! 

(Kushi-kushi-ticky-ticky WOO!)

Hamtaro! When we work together it's much better!

My best friend! We like sunflower seeds. . .khrrmp khrrmp khrrmp.

My Ham-Hams! If she heads for trouble, we won't let her!


Little Hamsters, Big Adventures!

Laura's gone to school, let's go to our Ham-Ham Clubhouse!

We can fix their troubles just be quiet as a mouse.

Watch out for those cats, you know they're smarter than you think.

But if we work together, we can make their plans sink!


Snoozer, Howdy, Penelope, Panda, My best friends!

Oxnard, Bijou, Cappy, Maxwell, My Ham-Hams!

Dexter, Boss, Pashmina, Jingle, Hamtaro!

Little Hamsters, Big Adventures!

(Hamtaro's verse)  'scuse me while I work out, gotta run on my wheel. WHEEEEEEE!

Hamtaro! Hamtaro's here to help you!

Hamtaro! Hamtaro's team is for you!

HAMTARO!! Hehehe. 

Tittle: "SONIC AND HAMTARO" (Now we cut to the Ham Hams having fun in the beach place which is the Emerald Coast playing in the sand while Amy, Tails, Cream and Cheese are relaxing and enjoying the sun) 

Amy: This place is unbelievable! 

Tails: Sure is, Amy! I'm really glad we came. 

Cream: And we'll have more fun when Laura and Kan get here. 

Cheese: Chao!! 

[Laura and Kana sighs) 

Conrad: Try to look interested girls. 

Amy: Lovely... I'd just wish Sonic were here to enjoy this with me... [Daydreams about having romantic moments with Sonic.] It'd be so romantic! WE'D BE SO HAPPY! [A coconut drops onto her head. Amy gets mad with the coconut and throws it across the ocean.] You've just ruined my fantasy! Just thinking about Sonic can make me crazy! [Sighs. She hears a man and woman giggling nearby.] 

Woman: You're so wonderful, Chad. [Chad and the woman giggles.] 

Amy: Sonic! WHERE ARE YOU?! 

Woman: Chad, I've made something wonderful for you. 

Chad: For me? 

Woman: Yes. It's nothing really, but I want you to have it. It's a lucky charm for when you go into the water. It's just like land. 

Chad: Thank you. I'll always wear it and think about you. 

Woman: Oh Chad... 

Amy: Hmm, I wonder what Sonic would say. 

Cream: Who's it for, Amy? 

Amy: Eh? Oh nobody. 

Cream: You didn't make that for Sonic, did you? 

Amy: No, of course not. 

[An explosion occurs, leaving Amy, Tails, Cream and Cheese shocked. The public in the hotel flee away to safety.]

Hamtaro: Oh no! It's Eggman again! 

Dr. Eggman: I'm turning the Emerald Coast resort into my kind of stomping ground! [The tentacles of E-38 Octoron smashes a boat.] Alright, time for my de-construction crew! 

[An army of E-39 Quizon robots emerge from the ocean and begins to demolish the hotel.]

Laura: Kana, we have to find a way to call, Sonic! 

Dr. Eggman: You're my first guests! Welcome to Eggman's Scream Park where your first vacation is guaranteed to be your last! 

Conrad: Stand back Girls, I will guard you. As your father's servant, it is my duty to protect you even if it means sacrificing myself. Now it is time for both of us to face our fate! 

Cindy: Easy now! [Grabs Conrad Iwata aside.] Conrad, you aren't even strong enough to take a stand. 

Laura: It's true. Right now, our only hope is Sonic. (Cut to Sonic back at Laura Haruna's house) 

Sonic: Hey! Huh? Oh... I forgot that everybody's gone but me. You don't see beautiful flowers like these at the seashore. The mountains are far superior! 

Forrest: Sonic! So you're finally here, are you? 

Sonic: Yeah? 

[Forrest Haruna switches the television on.]

T.V. Reporter: A gang of robot destroyers has been wrecking hotels and resorts all along the Emerald Coast. The situation is growing more dangerous by the hour. Authorities have issued evacuation orders.

[TV switches onto Eggman.]

Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] The owners of the Emerald Coast resort didn't invite me to their opening so I've knocked it down and turned it into my own vacation destination! It's now... Eggman's Scream Park! 

Bokkun: [Laughs] I've brought you a personal invitation. Your friends the Ham-Hams are already there! They're having a great time! Stop by, we'll have a real blast! 

[Sonic panics with the bomb in his hand before it explodes. Bokkun flies away while laughing.]

Sonic: [Shakes his head and shrugs] Oh well... [Runs off] (Cut back to the beach which is Emerald Coast) 

Amy: [Looks through a binoculars.] It's Eggman! 

Tails: Out of the way! I've gotta save Laura and Kana! [Amy throws her binoculars at Tails and hops onto the Tornado Ham-Ham Plane 3000.] Amy, what are you doing?! 

Amy: Sonic's gonna show up and help, but if he doesn't, Laura and Kana will need all the help they can get. 

Tails: Okay! Here we go! 

Boss: Let's go too! What are we waiting for? Let's get a move on, Ham-Hams! 

All Ham-Hams: Yeah! (They hopped on the Tornado Ham-Ham Plane 3000 as it takes off) 

Cream: I hope they make it back safely. 

Cheese: Chao! (Scene fades to black) 

Men Chorus: Gotta go faster faster faster faster' Sonic X! (Scene fades back to Dr. Eggman) 

Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] Build faster! Don't use too many nails and bolts, and make sure you water down the cement. I want these rides to be the most dangerous in the universe! 

[A blue streak speeds through a metal structure, causing it to collapse along with the E-39 robots that were working on it.]

Sonic: Well, well... 

Laura and Kana: Sonic! 

Sonic: Hi-ya, Laura. Hi, Kana. Thought I'd drop by for a visit! 

Dr. Eggman: You fell right into my trap, Sonic! I know you can't swim so I've lured you to the sea! Get him, Octoron! [Sonic dodges E-38 Octoron's tentacles and attempts to kick him but gets caught in its tentacle.] You won't get away... 

Sonic: Oh yeah, just watch me! [E-38 Octoron submerges Sonic underwater.] 

Laura: Let him go! 

Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] I'm giving Sonic a choice: he can either forfeit the fight or forfeit his life! [E-38 Octoron resurfaces Sonic out of the water.] Well, how do you like the ocean!? 

Sonic: It's dee-lightful! 

Dr. Eggman: Good, then let's see how long you're able to stay under! [E-38 Octoron attempts to pull Sonic underwater but Sonic runs desperately on the ground.] Don't let Sonic slip out of your grip, Octoron! Haul that hedgehog back into the ocean and don't let him up for air! Come on, Octoron! Flex those tentacles! 

Amy: Sonic! 

[Amy opens the Tornado Ham-Ham Plane 3000's windshield glass and jumps off.]

Tails: Amy, wait! 

Amy: LET HIM GO!!! 

[Amy smashes the tentacle with her Piko Piko Hammer, causing the tentacle to break. The tentacle knocks the E-38 Octoron into the water.]

Dr. Eggman: HOW COULD YOU!?! 

Amy: Keep your rotten robots away from my Sonic or you're gonna be sorry! 

Sonic: Thanks Amy! 

[Sonic runs along a track and jumps off.]

Tails: Hey, Sonic! 

[The Tornado Ham-Ham Plane 3000 shoots a Ring at Sonic and the hedgehog uses it to curl up into a spinball and smashes right through E-38 Octoron causing the robot to explode.]

Dr. Eggman: Oh no!

Amy: Sonic! (Hugs him)

Sonic: Woah! Lighten up, Amy, ugh!

Dr. Eggman: You've won this time, but I'm not through!

Sonic: Yeah right! [Eggman flies away.] What you did was crazy!

Amy: I know, but you made me do crazy things!

Tails: Everything okay down here?

Sonic: Yeah, Tails! Thanks for the ring! Thank you.

Amy: Hey!

Sonic: Huh?

Amy: Sonic, this is a bracelet I made to protect you in the water.

Sonic: Oh... You made it for me?

Amy: If you wear it, it will bring you good luck.

Sonic: Really?

[Just when Sonic is about to grab the bracelet, the ground shakes, causing Amy to fling the bracelet.]

Amy: Your bracelet! [Several E-39 Quizon robots stack above one another into a snake-like robot, Serpenter, destroying the bracelet in the process.] I can't believe it!

All Ham-Hams: Oaah!!!

Dr. Eggman: I told you I wasn't through with you Sonic, didn't I? My Quizon have merged to form Serpenter, and it's ready to strike! Impressive, isn't it, Sonic?

Sonic: Well, that thing is pretty tall, but I bet in a battle, it comes up pretty short!

Dr. Eggman: You'll need more than speed to survive this robot, Sonic!

Sonic: Really? Yo, fangface! Let's see how quickly you can slither!

[Sonic jumps away]

Pashmina: Go get him, Sonic!

Sandy: We're routing for you, Sonic!

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Bijou: Our hero!

Dr. Eggman: After him, Serpenter! Get rid of that blue bozzo!

Sonic: You've heard your boss, slowpoke! Right here! Catch me!

Amy: [Cries] I guess my charm... wasn't so lucky... [Cries and then grows into anger]

Dr. Eggman: Alright, Serpenter, you know what to do! Put the squeeze on Sonic and toss him out into the sea!

Amy: NOW YOU'RE GONNA PAY! [Dr. Eggman and Sonic turn their attention towards Amy.] DON'T MESS WITH ME!

[Amy strikes Serpenter with her hammer.]

Dr. Eggman: Oh my... [Amy continues to swing her hammer, destroying Serpenter's layers one-by-one.] Oh no, perhaps... I'd better go... [A spring launches Amy up into the air and Amy whacks the Egg Mobile into the sea before doing it again for the second time, creating a huge splash.]

Sonic: Amy!

[Sonic inhales and dives into the water.]

Tails: I can't believe it, Sonic swimming!

Hamtaro: No, Sonic! You know Hedgehogs can't swim!

[Amy seemingly notices Sonic swimming towards her. She then daydreams.]

Amy: Hey, Sonic! Hold on! Wait for me!

Cream: Wake up, Amy!

Amy: Huh?

Cream: Amy, you're awake!

Amy: Where am I?

Cream: You're back inside The Ham-Ham Clubhouse. I've brought you here after you were pulled out of the water.

Amy: Who brought me?

Cream: Hamtaro, Oxnard, Boss, Pashmina, Penelope, Howdy, Dexter, Maxwell, Panda, Sandy, Cappy, Bijou and Stan. Even Tails in the Tornado Ham-Ham Plane 3000.

Amy: Is... Sonic okay?!

Cream: Yes, but he went back home.

Amy: Oh... The bracelet's gone! I made it just for him, and now it's gone...

Cream: Don't cry...

Amy: It was a good luck bracelet to protect him in the water, but I guess Sonic had good luck anyway.

Cream: I think Sonic's very lucky anyway.

[Tails, Chris and Cream are giggling happily on the sand.]

All Ham-Hams: Kushi-Kushi! Kushi-Kushi! Heke?

Sonic: [Sneezes] Sonic, you've gotta stay out of the water!



[The Sonic X closing theme "Gotta Go Fast" (shortened) plays as the credits roll.]

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