"What you city slickers doing?"

Pepper (じゃじゃハムちゃん, Jyajyahamu-chan/Jajahamu) is a recurring character and Oxnard's wife. She is a rural, strong, and independent hamster who has helped the Ham-Hams with various challenges.

Character EditEdit

Pepper is Kana's cousin Dylan's hamster. She lives on a farm, so she naturally likes farm related things like animals and plants. When she visited the ham-hams in the city, she called them "city slickers" and thought they were crazy for not doing things that she did there (like run onto the road, and ride a donkey in a building to name a few!) This may make her look really wild and crazy, but she cares about the ham-hams and Oxnard especially. She's also athletic with sports like snow boarding. She is extremely good at controling animals of all kinds. She is smart, and has a quick temper.

Relationships EditEdit

Oxnard EditEdit

Oxnard and Pepper are official lovers. Oxnard first admitted his feelings in Oxnard's Big CrushOxnard loves her deeply, And she returns the feeling to him, later Oxnard stays at Dylan's farm with her. in the last episode, episode 296, "Happy Ham-Ham Wedding! " Oxnard and Pepper return to the Ham-Hams to announce they are getting married, and do so at the end with every Ham-Ham they have met invited, excluding ones only seen in the movies and OVAs.

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