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Rings are objects that appear in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. They are golden rings used by Sonic the Hedgehog to give himself extra power.

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The Rings are golden glowing bands, small enough to fit inside the palm of Sonic's hand. These objects contain an unusual form of energy which is similar to chaos energy from the Chaos Emeralds, if not the same.[1]

When in the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog, he can draw upon their power to temporarily make himself more powerful. This enables him to enter "Super Spin Mode"[1] where he performs an extremely powerful version of his Spin Attack which increases his speed and turns himself into a nearly unstoppable and all-piercing projectile. The Rings are genetically encoded to respond only to Sonic's physiognomy which is why no other living being is affected by their energy. Regardless, they can still be used as potent power sources for robots or have their energy conducted through machinery.[1][2]

Where Rings come from are unknown, though it is implied by Sonic that they may originate from another world entirely.[3] However, Sonic and his allies seemingly have an unlimited supply of Rings at their disposal, as the Rings are apparently used up after Sonic's usage of them, yet Sonic and his allies always have multiple Rings ready for deployment. Tails' different air crafts are always stored with Rings which he can reject to Sonic during the heat of battle.

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  • Rings can also weaken enemies in the form of the Ring Tunnel.
  • On occasions, Sonic would use two Rings at once.
  • In the comics, another type of Rings appeared in the virtual reality world reminiscent of the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game that Sonic and his friends were trapped in. As demonstrated by Sonic, these Rings do not provide a power boost to him. Instead, they protected the wielder from harm via any attack or environmental obstacle, serving an identical purpose to the Rings from the video games.[3][4]

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