Sparkle (くるりんちゃん, Kururin-chan) Sparkle is a popstar from America. She had first appeared in the episode Pop Staralong with her owner, Glitter. Sparkle is a snobbish and fame-loving hamster and would do anything to get riches.


Owned by Glitter. Sparkle is a spoiled pop star hamster. She did not like the Ham-Hams at first, but she gradually became attached to them. In the Japanese episodes, Sparkle began to have a crush on Hamtaro, and has since then been trying to get him to notice her. She was unsuccessful, so after that she tried to push Hamtaro and Bijou together, but her feelings for Hamtaro came back again. For this and many other reasons, she sees Bijou and Oshare as rivals. Ahh yes.The annoying but adorable Sparkle. In her first appearance, in Pop Star she is seen in her wardrobe putting on makeup and dressing herself up for a singing contest, until her house falls by the amount of fans who were so impatient to see her come out of her house. While the Ham-Ham Gang were there, they had saved her and brought her to their clubhouse. When she woke up, she was afraid she was kidnapped, the rest of the Ham-Hams were confused on why was she so scared. But then they had realized and told her that she'll be safe. When they asked who she was she had introduced herself by saying that she is a star, due to a misunderstanding they thought she was talking about an actual star and not a celebrity. Maxwell had corrected her by saying the names of several stars that none of the stars "resemble a walking talking hamster". Sparkle said with anger that she is a celebrity star. Then Hamtaro says:

Hamtaro: Hey, I am a star too!

Sparkle: Really? What kind of star?

Hamtaro and Oxnard: Ham-STARS!

Sparkle got really mad and frustrated asking if she could leave. But they said that they wanted her to be in their team, Sparkle freaked out by thinking it is completely lame to go out on adventures and ran off. Later they found her and then she ran off again, and the rest thought she was playing hide-and-seek, so they went looking for her. They found her but lost her as she had fallen in a costume of a dragon with her owner. After that, the hamsters were unaware of where she had gone and were sad that she had left them without being in their team.


Sparkle is a very spoiled and snobbish celebrity like her owner, Glitter. She likes fame, riches, etc. She is not the type to go outside and have adventures like when she was freaked out by the Ham-Ham Gang saying that she wanted to remain being a star. She is also quite selfish like when the Ham-Ham Gang were talking about her as an introduction but then changed the subject she shouted and said, "Can't we just talk about me again?!". Sparkle believes she is the cutest hamster in the world and has her own albums as her owner takes her everywhere. But after she gets attached to the Ham-Hams, she's shown to be kind, and cares for Bijou like a best friend, and gets annoyed at Oshare's oblivious and childish nature, and gets angry when Oshare does not help Bijou when she falls.

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