Television Bombs are objects that appear in Sonic X. They are messages that Bokkun delivers to others. They appear as yellow televisions and there is a bomb hidden in almost every single one. Their purpose is to deliver a transmission, usually by Dr. Eggman taunting Sonic the Hedgehog, often about his latest evil plot that he established.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • The basic concept of these bombs are to
    1. Deliver a message and
    2. Cause minor mayhem and panic.
  • Bokkun delivers these messages a multitude of times but the heroes somehow always forget that they are bombs. Almost every time it explodes in someone's face, and so rarely do they try to get rid of it before it explodes. However, this is most likely for comical effect.
  • Bokkun holds onto these bombs even when they do not have messages. In "Cruise Blues", Bokkun stopped by the Thorndyke's home just to say hello, but only Ella was at home. Bokkun begins crying to Ella and gives the TV Bomb to her as a gift which then explodes, and he flies out of the house in laughter. Whether he really wanted to say hello or not was not disclosed.

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