Tikal (Sonic X)

Tikal is a minor character in Sonic X.


 [hide] *1 History

History EditEdit

She was a guardian of the Master Emerald until her father tried to take the seven Chaos Emeralds to defeat their enemies and injured her and several Chao. Chaos was enraged and killed her father, so Tikal traveled through time to stop Chaos. She came into the time where Chaos had taken all of the Emeralds and become Perfect Chaos. They gathered all seven Emeralds and restored their power, allowing Sonic to become Super Sonic. Tikal was surprised, as she thought the Chaos Emeralds' power could only be awakened by hate and anger until Tails and Knuckles explained that friendship is stronger than hate, allowing Sonic to beat Chaos. He regained his sanity and returned to Chaos 0. Tikal then took him home.

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